In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise

most effectively have prevailed.

Charles Darwin

Innovative workshops

Why Applied Improvisation?

A successfully improvised performance is created by a group that cooperates, listens well to each other, accepts challenges, and executes shared ideas on the stage. These are the skills that improvisers train.

The same skills are needed in business. Efficiency, creativity, and cooperation are the basis of development in any company. Forming and training creative teams is the root of this type of cooperation.

People work more efficiently, and companies thrive when employees are flexible, have emotional intelligence, are able to handle unexpected situations, and are not afraid to come up with creative problem-solving ideas.

The workshops are based on team-building creative exercises, focused conversations, and a summary of what the participants learned about themselves and working with their team.

Applied Improvisation

How it works?

Thanks to facilitated creative theatrical exercises modified for corporate use Applied Improvisation uses organized play, (that is both educational and fun) to allow the workshop participants to open up to new things. The process inspires them to act and develops empathy, listening skills, flexibility and being in the “here and now”. This provides positive support, openness to ideas and all in atmosphere of acceptance, positive energy and a focus on other people.

The workshops are based on interactive play and creative exercises and end with a discussion about the learning process of participants, their reflections and a joint summary of what was accomplished.

Why are improvisation workshops effective?

Because learning process takes place in a supportive environment, through play and self-reflection. Improvisation promotes acceptance and non-judgment. It reduces stress and promotes self-awareness through an active group experience.

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Confidence in public speaking, whether on stage or during online presentations, is a huge asset. Through drama exercises and practical tips, participants learn how to deal with stress and speak with confidence.

storytelling for business

We want to speak to be heard. Telling engaging stories allows you to attract listeners, present a product or service, or make yourself perceived as an engaging speaker at business meetings. Improvisation is the art of telling a story and drawing the viewer into a shared experience, making it a great tool for learning how to engage others through creative storytelling.


Written speeches ensure that we will convey everything we want, but they often take away the natural and spontaneous freedom of expression. The naturalness expressed in speech increases the joy of connecting with an audience and gives the freedom to speak on any topic. As a result, we are better received and inspire more trust. Improv techniques provide the tools for learning spontaneity in speech and being prepared for any circumstance.

team building ESPRIT & FUN

Every business is built upon the cooperative efforts of individuals. Improvised performances encourage cooperation, active listening, acceptance, support of ideas, trust, and spontaneous fun. Joyful and positive improvisation deepens the team’s connection.

team building max

Even the most well-coordinated team can be strengthened even further, and its members can become even more empathetic, supportive, and understanding toward each other. Improvisation involves a deep commitment to your partner, and the motto we use in improv says: ‘Make your partner look good.


Creativity, innovation, and problem-solving are based on the freedom of thought. Self-judgment or the judgment of others limits spontaneity. Improvisation stimulates openness. It inspires and shows us how to develop ideas in a supportive environment of play and creativity.


Do you need a workshop designed for specific needs? Let me know what you are looking for, and I will create a workshop tailored to your needs!

benefits of applied improvisation workshops

Developing Soft Skills


The strength of a good team is collaboration. A team that cooperates and supports each other is crucial to work flow.


Increased competence, emotional intelligence and motivation is an invaluable ingredient for every employee and employer.


Verbal and non-verbal communication are both very powerful skill sets. Clarity is the key to cohesive collaboration and the development of ideas.


One of the important skills in business is to go beyond our comfort zones while maintaining a balance between risk and security.


Skillful coping with stressful situations allows you to solve problems faster and regain focus.


Self-confidence in speech and presentation affects how clients and colleagues perceive us.


New bold ideas and execution require openness, acceptance, taking risks,  constructive evaluation and positive communication.


Circumstances in the world are constantly evolving. In order to keep up with the changes we must be flexible and spontaneous in making decisions that are flexible in adapting to new realities.


A well told story evokes passion, empathy, or humor to connect with the client and opens them up to consider a product or idea.

personal and team development

Professional workshops for companies

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Each worokshop can be held in English or Polish

XYZ Onboarding & Playfulness

XYZ Onboarding & Playfulness

Break the Ice. Forge Emotional Connections. An innovative, creative, humor-infused, and fun-filled team-building workshop tailored for companies aiming to bridge the gap between the fresh faces of Generation Y and Z and their seasoned counterparts. People acting...

Media Mastery Trio

Media Mastery Trio

• Master the Art of Impromptu Speaking • In The Spotlight – Unleash Your Inner Superspeaker • Storytelling for Business! An intensive, innovative, and one-of-a-kind "Three-in-One" course, grounded in acting techniques and the realm of theatrical improvisation! They...

Storytelling for Business

Storytelling for Business

Facts tell, stories sell! They may forget what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel. Carl Buechner Ever wondered what keeps an audience on the edge of their seats? Since ancient times, storytelling has been the thread that weaves humanity...

Master the Art of Impromptu Speaking

Master the Art of Impromptu Speaking

Confidence in speeches comes from practice. It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech. Mark Twain Written speeches ensure that we'll convey everything we want, but often they take away the spontaneity and ease of expression. Being at...

Spark Innovation within Your Business

Spark Innovation within Your Business

Creativity resides within us all. It just needs the right spark. Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein Innovation, creativity, fresh ideas for products and services, novel problem-solving methods – all stem from a free...

Unleash Your Inner Superspeaker – Personalized Training

Unleash Your Inner Superspeaker – Personalized Training

One-on-One with the audience Most of us battle with the nerves of public speaking. I know this all too well, having experienced major jitters during my studies when discussing topics of my archaeological quests in front of groups and fellow scholars. Even when I...

Activate your ENGLISH – Group training

Activate your ENGLISH – Group training

Ignite Your English Fluency with Interactive Training! The most common reason people hesitate to speak in a foreign language is the lack of practice and that inner critic that stifles growth and attempts to speak up. If your company's employees need to use English but...

Workshop on demand

Workshop on demand

Unlock Your Potential! Theater improvisation transforms and empowers individuals. It transformed me, and it can transform you too. It infused me with the joy of creation, cultivated my creativity, empathy, and listening skills, and turned my fear of public speaking...

Mindfulness, relaxation and playfulness – Workshop for companies

Mindfulness, relaxation and playfulness – Workshop for companies

Revitalize Your Team with Creativity! Challenging projects? Week-long tension that's blocking creativity? Do your employees need a break to start the week or day with renewed energy? If so, this workshop is tailor-made for your team! A creative hour filled with...

Improvised Comedy Show for companies

Improvised Comedy Show for companies

Unforgettable Comedy Experience Looking for ORIGINAL ENTERTAINMENT for your evening corporate event, as a reward for your employees, or as a way to unwind after a full day of conferences? There's nothing better than an improvised, interactive comedy show! With a team...