Monika Ozdarska

Monika Ozdarska is a Polish improviser living in Warsaw (Poland). She has been improvising since the first weeks of 2012 and has spent time learning with over 100 international top teachers as Patti Stiles, Susan Messing, Jill Bernard, Rama Nicholas, Jeff MIchalski, David Razowsky, Joe Bill, Craig Cackowski, Andy Eninger, Felipe Ortiz, Omar Galvan, John Cremer, Neil Curran, Jason Shotts and many many more. She is regularly performing (performed over 360 improv shows) and teaching improvisers as well as using Applied Improv for corporate development.

Monika has taught in Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Sweden and also taught an intergenerational group in Warsaw whose aim was to integrate the vintage community with young improvisers. She is also co-founder of Warsaw’s Centralna Spółdzielnia Komediowa, where polish improv groups performed few times a week.

Monika is also the founder of “The Art Of Yes” and having over 1200 followers. The Art of Yes Facebook page shares improv related links, quotes, and Zoom podcast interviews with improvisers from around the globe. Due to her wide knowledge of the community her recent guests have included Patti Stiles, Susan Messing, Jill Bernard, Shaun Laundry, Inbal Lori, Jeff Michalski, Michael Gellman, Michael Golding, David Razowsky, Stephen Nachmanovitch, Joe Bill, Felipe Ortiz, Shawn Kinley, and many more. Check The Art of Yes Here!

Because of her reach experience Monika creates her own methodology based on knowledge from many sources and different improv schools. Her great advantage is broad knowledge and passion with which she explores the secrets of theatrical improvisation.

Invite Monika and experience her intuitive teaching and enthusiasm. She will share her wide knowledge and will help you achieve your improv goals!


Monika’s Testimonials

What Others Say about Monika

She Gets It

Monika Ozdarska is Warsaw Improvisation. She gets it. She knows improvisation as a personal journey and practice. She morphs her experience with teachers, players and audience, to discover who she is as an artist. Not just in improvisation but in other practices as well and because of that she can transfer and communicate these discoveries to and with others.

She gets it.
As a player
As a teacher
As a director
As a scene partner
As an interviewer of other artists
She asks the right questions
Because she gets it!

Jeff Michalski, Improviser, director, actor, writer, The Second City etc. co-founder, USA

She is a joy to watch and play with

Monika is a wonderful improviser. She knows in her bones how to create a great scene, listens on a deep level, and supports her partner. She’s a joy to watch and play with. I’d partner up with her any day of the week. I only wish there were more like her!

David Razowsky, former Artistic Director of The second City Hollywood, USA

True Improv scholar

Monika Ozdarska is a true improv scholar; diving in and researching the best that the art form has to offer with the goal of curating and sharing from her own creative, loving perspective.

Jill Bernard, HUGE Theater, Minneapolis, USA

Wealth of Improv Knowledge

Monika is a wealth of  improv knowledge and understands the benefits both on and off stage. She brings a warmth to everything she does and values the importance of the human connection. Three cheers for Monika!

Jay Sukow, Today Improv, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Devoted And Fastidious

I have known Monika for several years now. A few things have become extremely clear. Monika is a community builder. She is curious, caring, dedicated and brings together people and events with great understanding and acumen. She always does this with a very human touch. In the improvisation community, on an international level she curates experience and knowledge and shares that wherever she goes. She does this with great humility, utmost interest and generosity. This manifests itself in her work with The Art of Yes where she has collected dozens of notable experts globally and prepared extensive interviews with them. She also happens to be someone who over the years has built up an incredible skill base. Beyond being a detailed and experienced trainer and improviser she also happens to be a gifted graphic designer and artist. Also she has an archaeologist past with stories of research and dig sites from exciting places. Monika is all evidence of someone who is devoted and fastidious. She brings with her a great deal of experience and dedication and must be considered an absolute asset whenever she is involved in a project.

Andrew Hefler, trainer of improvisation for the theatre, founder and artistic Director of Grund Theatre in Budapest, Hungary. Chief Trainer at Grund Essentials and associate professor at CEU eMBA program.

Brave, Crazy, Big-hearted

Monika is a brave, crazy, big-hearted improviser and she lives life 100%.

John Cremer, Improviser, founder of The Maydays, UK

Passion For Improvisation

Monika has an unmistakable passion for improvisation which has led her to all corners of the world, seeking and interpreting knowledge of communication and interaction. Monika’s workshops combine many philosophies of improv, providing a rich context for the work that we explore together.

Noah Levin, Director of Barcelona Improv Festival’s Director 

Hungry To Learn, Don’t Fear to Fail

What I value with Monika is that she is hungry to learn, don’t fear to fail, and push herself to see what else is there.

Victoria Bang, Improviser, Sweden

Monika stole my heart with a huge motivation for self-development in improvisation, she is an unsurpassed role model for me! I am also grateful to her for comments after our improvised performances, with which I come home and after reflection, they turn out to be very accurate and prompt us to work on the skills.

Kasia Gruszewska, Teatr Improwizacji Afront

Brilliant Improv Teacher

It is always nice to watch Monika on stage. But there is more. She also is a brilliant improv teacher. She knows and uses what I call “the golden rule of teaching improv”: if you can make people have a good time and they laugh a lot, then their minds will be really open to learn something. Monika’s workshops are always filled with laugher and the participants go home being a better improviser. Always!

Rikus Spithorst, Improviser and improv trainer, Amsterdam

She Makes Learning Effortless

Monika is a brilliant and intuitive teacher. She makes learning effortless and has a fantastic knack for summarising lessons into immediately useable tools.

Lee James Alabaster Apsay, London, UK

Enthusiasm And Curiosity

Monika is a great teacher of improv because she is a great student of improv. She carries enthusiasm and curiosity into everything she does. Monika has a wide ranging knowledge of improv styles and formats and knows how to apply that knowledge to help you achieve your improv goals!

Charlie Comly, Richmond, Virginia, USA

My students LOVED working with Monika

Monika joined my high school students for five fun-filled and educational improv workshops. She was well-prepared, knowledgeable and expertly guided my students through the process of creating an original improv performance building on their developing theatre skills. My students LOVED working with and learning from Monika! I highly recommend Monika to come do the same for your organisation.

David Stein, Upper School Theatre Teacher at the American School of Warsaw in Poland

Unflappable & Supportive

I am continually amazed by Monika’s deep well of improv knowledge. When she speaks I just want to listen and soak up everything she says. As a performer she is unflappable, always supportive, and makes the audience smile.

Mark Suroviec, USA


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