I believe that the skills of improvisation will improve a life.”

Josephine Forsberg, improvisational teacher (USA)


Theater Improvisation

What’s theatrical improvisation?

Theater improvisation (IMPRO or IMPROV) is the creation of theater performances without a script. It is based on team collaboration not on a prepared text. It happens in front of the audience only once, it is spontaneous, surprising and often funny.

Contemporary improvisation is a field of art that emerged from American Actress and author Viola Spolin who developed her approach through social work at the Hull House in Chicago and led to the development of the Compass Players then the Second City Theater in Chicago. Later Keith Johnston – a British playwright and teacher who moved to Canada opened the famous Loose Moose Theater and created his school of improvisation.

Teaching improvisation is based on acting exercises, games and creative tasks that develop creativity, spontaneity, active listening, and teamwork, all in a fun atmosphere.

Theatrical improvisation & Applied improvisation for businesses

Professional workshops

IMprovisation for theater


Theater improvisation consists of creative spontaneous performance without a prepared script. It develops the intuitive and leads to the development of personal and group creativity.


improvisation in business

(Soft Skills)

Applied improvisation refers to applying improvisational skills to business.

The skills of Cooperation, Active Listening, Acceptance Skills used in an improvised performance and working in front of an audience, are of great value in personal development and in every business.


improvisation in life


Exercises used in improvisation improve the ability to focus attention on the present moment and at the same time help to accept reality and achieve a sense of balance and increased joy.


Improvisation for Theater


As children we uncritically and spontaneously create all the time. We build our first words, make sandcastles, draw and create characters in play with our peers.

Creativity wanes over time. Surrounded by rules, criticism, or lack of self-confidence, we lose our freedom to create. Theater improvisation workshops are like a sandbox for adults, a return to the joy of unchained creativity and spontaneous fun.


Improvisation workshops stimulate play, open minds, and inspire the creative impulse in us all.

theater improvisation workshops

Creativity for everyone

For whom?

Actors, writers, improvisers and anyone tempted by the creative experience of developing new skills in an exciting art. 

What does it develop?

Acting skills, comedic performance, skills of creating original comedy material, gaining self-confidence and familiarity on stage, oratory skills, storytelling, active listening and acceptance, spontaneity, development of ideas by the group, creating something out of “nothing”!

Advantages & benefits

Personal development, team work in an atmosphere of acceptance, new acquaintances, and lots of creative fun and joy.

Improvisation in business


In any business, the greatest asset is the people who create it. The dynamics of a company’s creative development,  innovations and solutions going on behind the scenes depends on them. All this is based on the cooperation of individuals. Therefore it is critical to develop both the individual and the teams ability to work together collectively towards the same goals.

Improvisation in business is a practical workshop based on active listening, developing empathy, emotional intelligence, spontaneity, and ideas in a supportive creative environment together, solving problems and taking care of your partner. These skills enhance teamwork, efficiency, and help individuals acquire new leadership skills in a flexible environment increasing sales, acquiring new clients and overcoming obstacles with focused creative solutions.


Applied improvisation gives measurable benefits and skills both in personal and team development.

workshops on applied improvisation

Personal Development

For whom?

For individuals and for teams. For anyone who wants to develop soft skills and increase team work productivity (or performance), creativity, flexibility, confidence in public speaking. For teams that need a positive impulse to achieve new goals faster.

What does it develop?

The ability to actively listen, cooperate and build a team, solve problems, support ideas, take risks, share responsibility, emotional intelligence, empathy, self-confidence, improve communication, teach spontaneity, develop creativity and increase the joy of cooperation.

Advantages & benefits

Increasing the team’s efficiency through better communication and cooperation, personal and group development. Greater creativity, flexibility and freedom in creating new products, services and innovative solutions, unfettered by evaluations.


improvisation for life

Mindfulness and relaxation

We seem to be living in a time of constant rush. A time when we spend more and more time at work, engaged in social media and sitting in front of screens, getting perhaps too much outside stimuli and less time for self care.

Exercises that we use in theater improvisation give you a chance to meet yourself and others and engage in a great escape from the daily marathon of activity to focus on “here and now”. Monika introduces you activities based on fun, mindfulness and empathy. Participants leave smiling and relaxed, with a greater dose of optimism, self awareness and positive energy.

mindfulness & relaxation

Improvisation helps us focus our attention on the present moment.

Improvisation workshops

Mindfulness, relaxation and fun

For whom?

For anyone who needs an injection of optimism, fun, joy, and detachment from everyday life.

What will give you?

Relaxation, focusing on the present moment, having fun and a springboard for integrating with new people. It  teaches self awareness, openness, active listening, empathy, self-confidence, and spontaneity without judgment.

Advantages & benefits

A vacation from the reality of everyday pressures. Learning through play to focus on the present moment. Reduce stress levels and teach yourself  how to put distance between life’s anxieties and stressful daily environments.

from me

It’s Time for You

Theatrical improvisation develops and changes people. It changed me too. It gave me the joy in creating, developing empathy and listening. Improvisation turned my fear of public speaking into a pleasure. Now it’s time for you! I invite you to my workshops and business cooperation.