WePolak Show at SWIMP24 (Uppsala/Sweden)


WePolak expresses gratitude to @Gustav Uddgård and everybody at Teater Prego for creating and running a most inspiring SWIMP festival 2024. The performers from Sweden and around the globe were diverse in style and the practices of improv they brought to the stage.

From Clown-Prov, Musical Improv, Harold, a most brilliant gibberish set providing an outstanding physical narrative by a Estonian troupe we saw a variety of styles and skills.

Bolstered by the production capabilities of Teatr Prego’s technical staff headed by genius lighting designer Mats Bohlin. The production crew cradled every act with instantaneous lighting support that enhanced their presentations.

WePolak’s set off the suggestion of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ found itself enveloped in a sea of stars which Monika and musical director Jens Mellqvist spontaneously orbited through.

Attached is a series of pictures we collected at the festival including the 4 workshops we did. Thank you everyone!

Again thank you #SWIMP. In the tapestry of international festivals you shine as a beacon of innovation and artistic excellence.