Master the Art of Impromptu Speaking

Confidence in speeches comes from practice.

It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.

Mark Twain

Written speeches ensure that we’ll convey everything we want, but often they take away the spontaneity and ease of expression. Being at ease in spontaneous speaking is invaluable, especially when filling in for someone at a conference, fielding audience questions after a talk, or summarizing a meeting.

About the Workshop:

This workshop is all about infusing your speech with naturalness, relishing the audience interaction, and achieving fluency in impromptu speaking and presentations.

Throughout this training, participants will:

• Discover fundamental exercises to limber up their vocal cords
• Explore strategies for identifying and managing signs of stress
• Engage in practical exercises that demonstrate the power of extemporaneous speaking
• Familiarize themselves with four simple speech structures
• Receive 6 practical tips to prepare for speeches that allow for more intuitive expression

…all within an environment that’s friendly, creative, and supportive, guided by practical exercises tailored to enhance the skill of spontaneous speaking.

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