Team Building MAX – team building, which will MAXimally integrete the team

Because we care about those we know.

Even the most tight-knit team can be fortified even further. This workshop takes collaboration, camaraderie, empathy, and team bonding to a whole new level.

People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about..

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“I didn’t know you have kid.” – said one of the two IT colleagues who have been sharing the same room and collaborating on projects for years. I heard this during a workshop for a company and it hit me how often we actually know so little about our fellow team members.

Knowledge about coworkers goes beyond mere facts; it shapes our perception, prompting us to empathize and collaborate better. When we know more about someone, they become more significant to us. We understand their past, experiences, and motivations, leading to improved teamwork.

This knowledge in a team context helps comprehend colleagues and employees, their decision-making abilities, risk-taking tendencies, and leadership qualities. It guides them toward projects that resonate with them or come more naturally to them, ultimately unlocking their potential and fostering their successes.

This is why the workshop is designed to let the team working with me get to know one another better and experience a unique creative integration. Through games, activities, and inspiring exercises, they will ascend to new heights of understanding and collaboration!

This workshop will unite your team even more, amplifying its efficiency. Members will know each other better, heightening mutual trust, empathy, support, attentiveness, and understanding.

About the workshop:

Team Building MAX are workshops that MAXimize team bond! I impart a few crucial principles: Care for your partner, nurture the group, champion positive choices, be present in the “here and now”!

During this training, participants will:

• Get to know each other even better, amplify empathy, and strengthen bonds to the MAX, fueling swifter achievement of your company’s shared goals
• Engage in creative exercises to hone listening skills and mutual support
• With increased familiarity, it will become easier to support one another, discern mutual potential, and assign tasks more effectively
• Understand who needs assistance in various situations and how best to provide it

…and all of this will take place within a friendly, creative atmosphere, fostered through practical learning, discussions, reflections, and spirited play.

Welcome to Collaboration!

Need to tailor the workshop to your group’s needs? Drop me a message!