Activate your ENGLISH – Group training

Ignite Your English Fluency with Interactive Training!

The most common reason people hesitate to speak in a foreign language is the lack of practice and that inner critic that stifles growth and attempts to speak up.

If your company’s employees need to use English but are held back by fear, there’s nothing better than learning through play and practice. Workshops built on theatrical improvisation methods offer a fantastic, effective way to break speaking barriers.

This workshop isn’t your typical English lesson; it’s an engaging formula designed to activate language skills through fun.

About the Workshop:

Through interactive games, creative exercises, and intriguing interactions, participants will break barriers and develop their English communication skills.

During this training, participants will:

• Open up and unleash their English
• Gain confidence in speaking English
• Realize that it takes very little to start speaking
• Learn useful phrases
• Gain new tools for further development
• To have an absolute blast!

…all in a friendly, creative, supportive atmosphere, driven by the spirit of fun.

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