Team Building ESPRIT & FUN – the funniest integration you can imagine

Team Buliding ESPRIT is a creative, intelligent, active and fun integration in the spirit of theater improvisation.

People, working together as one group, can accomplish things that no one could ever dream of accomplishing alone.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Teamwork has been my jam since forever. As a kid, I was an adventurer and a scout. Camping meant setting up tents, digging latrines, gathering firewood, and whipping up meals for the gang. Collaboration was key, an essential part of the experience. During my archaeological studies, my scouting background proved invaluable. Coexisting on excavations in Syria, in the remote site of Tell Arbid, demanded the same skillset as a scout camp – adaptability, cooperation, and resourcefulness.

Over nearly 30 years as a graphic designer, teaming up for projects, brainstorming, constructing models, working on mock-ups, photo shoots, and liaising with clients, has been the name of the game. All of these activities required cooperation, openness, and idea acceptance. Plus, as an improviser for over 11 years, I’ve elevated these skills further. Crafting scenes and spectacles sans script on stage demands immense attention, listening, humility, and group synergy.

Now, it brings me immense joy to work with people, using my expertise to creatively enhance relationships.

Dedication and seamless cooperation lead to superior teamwork.

Businesses are built on people and their collaboration. Teamwork thrives on active listening, empathy, championing ideas, focusing smartly, task allocation, and decision-making. But there’s more! Successful teamwork hinges on camaraderie and shared pleasant memories. This evolves through shared experiences, best fostered during enjoyable times and playful activities.

About the workshop:

These workshops are brimming with creativity, laughter, and activities, intertwined with discussions and reflections on the essence of teamwork. The workshop’s golden rule is: “ensure your partner and the team have a blast!” Your team will unite forces to achieve a common goal, taking these invaluable skills with them on your company’s journey.

During this training, participants will:

• Sharpen their listening and mutual support skills through active, creative exercises
• Learn the art of idea acceptance
• Gain insights from workshop experiences and reflections, boosting their awareness of group needs and shared goals
• Master the art of redirecting focus and effective task allocation
• Foster bonds through shared experiences, allowing these competencies to catalyze superior cooperation and swifter goal achievement in the future

…all of this unfolds in a friendly, creative atmosphere, driven by practical learning, discussions, reflections, and spirited improvisation.

Ready to Embark on This Adventure Together?

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