Media Mastery Trio

Master the Art of Impromptu Speaking

• In The Spotlight – Unleash Your Inner Superspeaker

• Storytelling for Business!

An intensive, innovative, and one-of-a-kind “Three-in-One” course, grounded in acting techniques and the realm of theatrical improvisation!

They may forget what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel.

Carl Buechner

Craving an immersive Media Training experience for your team?

Yearning for your employees to exude confidence during presentations, articulate ideas with finesse, and embrace the art of spontaneous expression, captivating listeners with engaging narratives? This training promises an intensive infusion of knowledge, interactive exercises, all interwoven with the spirit of theatrical improvisation! These transformative days will not only reshape participants’ approach to public speaking, elevating their media skills, but also forge unforgettable, cohesive bonds within the team. An array of benefits awaits!

About This Set of Workshops:

Intensive and hands-on, this training thrives whether hosted at your premises or within a corporate team-building retreat. It sharpens media prowess and fosters unity.

Master the Art of Impromptu Speaking

Throughout this training, participants will:

• Discover fundamental exercises to limber up their vocal cords
• Explore strategies for identifying and managing signs of stress
• Engage in practical exercises that demonstrate the power of extemporaneous speaking
• Familiarize themselves with four simple speech structures
• Receive 6 practical tips to prepare for speeches that allow for more intuitive expression

In The Spotlight – Unleash Your Inner Superspeaker – group training

Throughout this training, participants will:

• Delve into fundamental exercises that unwind, guide breath, and prepare their speech apparatus
• Engage in a thoughtful discourse about stress signals and learn how to manage them
• Embrace a method I rely on: awareness – acceptance – engagement
• In a friendly ambiance, partake in a series of practical exercises that boost self-assurance and open them up
• Receive personalized guidance on focus areas to enhance their presence
• Acquire the skill of captivating their audience, viewing them as partners and allies • Discover the practical application of acquired skills

Storytelling for Business:

Throughout this training, participants will:

• Explore the evolution of storytelling, from Aristotle’s “Poetics” to Hollywood hits
• Discover the essential components of a well-structured story
• Uncover the elements that evoke the most profound emotions in a story
• Familiarize themselves with the hero’s journey narrative structure and learn how to apply it in a business context
• Learn to craft compelling and moving stories that hold the audience’s attention

The MEDIA MASTERY Trio – an energy-packed explosion of practical exercises, skill development, and sheer amusement! An unforgettable experience for the entire team!

…all within a warm, creative, and supportive environment that thrives on the magic of storytelling.