Unleash Your Inner Superspeaker – Personalized Training

One-on-One with the audience

Most of us battle with the nerves of public speaking. I know this all too well, having experienced major jitters during my studies when discussing topics of my archaeological quests in front of groups and fellow scholars. Even when I embarked on my journey with improvisation, anxiety markers like shaky hands, streams of sweat down my back, and a dry throat accompanied me on every stage entry. All of this heightened the sense of helplessness and fear.

Now, during an improvised performance, where there’s no script and uncertainty reigns, I stand on the stage with a smile, relishing the connection with the audience and an awareness that this brings me joy! I stand as a living testament that everything can be conquered through effort.

So, if you find yourself speaking publicly and feeling a lack of ease, if you stress out standing before an audience, TV camera, or an online meeting, and group training isn’t on the table for various reasons, bet on personalized coaching.

Join me for individual training. I’ll tailor it to your needs and introduce you to practical exercises and methods I personally rely on to combat stress.

Through acting exercises, improvisation games, and relaxation techniques, you’ll elevate your stress management skills in public speaking, boost your confidence, and refine your body language.

…all within a friendly, creative, supportive atmosphere, driven by the spirit of play.

Let’s team up for a powerful transformation!