Secrets of Storytelling, or how to tell a story in an improvised performance

Improvisation is storytelling

As improvisers, we are actors, directors and screenwriters on stage. It’s quite a demanding task. Moving history forward requires experience. The worst thing that can happen is that we get stuck looking for ideas in our head and we don’t listen to our partner.

Although we intuitively know how the plot works, on stage it is sometimes difficult for us to build or recognize the nascent story and continue it efficiently. We lose what is important and who is the main character.

In this workshop we will deconstruct the “Story Spine*” and discover what makes a story work and where the fun of playing it lies. I will introduce you to some basic story structures and fun exercises that will help you find the comedy thread in long and short forms. This workshop will help you find yourself in narrative formats and play formats such as: Armando.

*Story Spine – Elements of history collected by Kenn Adams, an American improviser specializing in narrative improvised performances. Story Spine also inspired PIXAR and its way of looking at script construction.

LEVEL: For anyone with experience playing scenes.