Make invisible VISABLE

Magic of Invisible Props – Elevate Your Improv Skills to New Heights!

The advantage of the lack of props in most improvised performances is that we can create any object and do anything with it. We can change such an object, enchant it, eat it, transform it or throw it. This gives us infinite creative possibilities.

Creating invisible props has several functions. It adds more theatricality, truth to the scene, gives a greater focus on the reality surrounding the characters of the performance and gives space for silence. Precisely showing invisible objects helps us to slow down and allow the audience and our partners to see the space and perceive emotions.

The better we master “Object Work”, the more theatrical our performance becomes and the more it impresses the audience. In addition, the precise “object work” is also an amazing source of inspiration and surprising discoveries for the improviser. Despite the fact that we use many objects every day, it turns out that recreating natural movement on stage is more difficult than it might seem.

In this workshop we will practice techniques that will develop your skills of creating objects and spaces. We will use the acquired skills to create more interesting characters and scenes to give the characters depth, emotions and personality, and the scenes realism, theatricality and details.

LEVEL: For everyone.