Improv for Actors

Improvisation workshops for actors are designed to enhance improvisational skills and foster the ability to work without a script, relying solely on one’s own instincts and without the guidance of a director. Through the techniques employed by improvisers, actors cultivate self-assurance in autonomous performance, acquire the art of attentive listening, and develop the capability to respond to the present moment.

The objective of this workshop is twofold: firstly, to elevate acting proficiency rooted in genuine reactions within a scene, enabling participants to adeptly navigate unexpected scenarios; secondly, to craft scenes and performances using theatrical improvisation techniques.

In this workshop, I draw from a multitude of methodologies that are anchored in the philosophies of Anne Bogart, Viola Spolin, Keith Johnston, Sanford Meisner, and insights garnered from a diverse array of improvisation educators, actors, clowns, mimes, and choreographers. Over my 11 years of experience both in Poland and abroad, I’ve been fortunate to learn from more than a hundred luminaries in the field.

LEVEL: Open to all individuals who engage with the stage and are eager to fortify their acting prowess, enhance stage spontaneity, and cultivate adaptability in unscripted scenarios.