The Art of Pitching Startups #1

Last Wednesday, I attended „Pitch me Baby,” an exceptional event providing participants with the opportunity to showcase their pitch presentations and receive valuable feedback. It’s a prime example of learning by doing! Embracing public speaking fears and progressing forward only comes through practice.

Presentations are evaluated both on content and presentation style. Here are some valuable tips to consider while presenting. I hope you find them helpful!

🌬️Harness the Power of Breathing

Before stepping into the spotlight, take a moment to breathe. Deep breaths are your superpower—they calm nerves, center your focus, and keep stress at bay. Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.

🎯Start with Your Mission and Compelling Story:

Begin by painting a vivid picture of your mission and story. Just like the opening scene of an epic adventure, hook your audience with a narrative that captivates their imagination and ignites curiosity.

🙋‍♀️Be Overflowing with Enthusiasm:

Let your passion be the driving force! Your enthusiasm is contagious and can electrify the room. Infuse every word with excitement, showing how deeply you believe in your startup’s potential to change the world.

😊Connect Through Eye Contact and Smiles:

Engage with your audience through the power of eye contact and a genuine smile. It’s the secret sauce to forge a connection. These simple acts build trust and keep your audience engaged in your journey.

🎤Practice becomes your ally

Practice, practice, practice! Train at home diligently, ensuring your pitch flows seamlessly within the allotted time. Punctuality is key—being on time shows respect for both your audience and your own commitment.

Trim for Perfect Timing

Trim down your information and slides to fit the right time frame. Less can be more! Keep it concise and impactful. Your goal is not to overload but to deliver key points effectively.

📝Take Notes for Q&A

Equip yourself with a notebook and pen to jot down notes after your pitch. These will be your allies during the Q&A session, helping you respond confidently and thoughtfully to any queries.

👩‍💼Dress for Success:

Lastly, dress the part—it’s your grand debut. Attire isn’t just a formality; it’s your statement, signaling a commitment to excellence and respect for your audience.

Remember, you’re not just pitching an idea—you’re sharing a vision, an opportunity, and an exciting journey. So, suit up, believe in your mission, and get ready to unleash your startup superhero powers on that stage!”

Hi, I’m Monika and I actively address these aspects during workshops with my clients, aiming to enhance their abilities, boost self-confidence, encourage natural delivery, and ignite enthusiasm, all contributing to their professional perception.

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