Public Speaking & Pitching Startups

This Wednesday, I will be attending „Pitch Me Baby” once again, an exceptional event that offers participants the chance to showcase their pitch presentations and receive valuable feedback. It’s also a fantastic networking opportunity.

This event epitomizes the concept of learning by doing! Overcoming public speaking fears and moving forward only happens through practice. Presentations are evaluated on both content and presentation style.

For participants, it’s often a stressful experience, but they can learn from it and from each other.

If you need to pitch your own startup:

Know Your Audience: Tailor your message to investors, customers, or industry experts.

Define the Problem: Clearly articulate the problem your startup solves.

• Present Your Solution: Describe your solution and its benefits concisely.

• Demonstrate Market Opportunity: Provide evidence of demand for your solution.

• Showcase Traction: Highlight your progress and achievements.

Explain Your Business Model: Clearly explain how you’ll generate revenue.

Highlight Your Team: Showcase your team’s skills and expertise.

Be Concise and Compelling: Keep your pitch focused and engaging.

Practice: Rehearse until you’re confident and seek feedback.

Be Authentic: Let your passion shine through in your pitch.


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