I know! – Be the expert!

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a scene, hitting a dead end and thinking, “I don’t have a clue about this, and I’m unsure what to say”? Have you encountered moments when you’re faced with a topic as foreign as quantum physics, automobile construction, baking a cheesecake, or any other subject outside your expertise? You’re determined not to stumble, but you’re hesitant to broach the subject, or perhaps worse, you’re left frozen in the scene, grappling with confusion and self-criticism?

Look no further—this workshop is the key to becoming an expert in every domain! It’s designed to nurture self-assurance, fostering the ability to portray self-assured characters while embracing the art of not knowing and reveling in creative ingenuity. Within this workshop, the extent of your knowledge becomes secondary; what truly matters is how skillfully you conceal your lack of knowledge and how convincingly your character exudes confidence. 🙂

An engaging and lighthearted workshop awaits, ready to propel you into a newfound realm of self-assurance and delight. You’ll discover joy not only in your expertise, but also in the realm of your unknowns!

LEVEL: Suitable for All.