Become a Super Speaker (Workshop)

What a wonderful weekend of twelve hours of work with this open and brave group who honed their public speaking skills under my guidance! We had a great time because that’s how it is at workshops based on Applied Improvisation methods, which teach skills useful to everyone in life and work through fun and practice. 💯

Thank you for your openness, courage, and trust! Every success of yours, stepping out of your comfort zone to walk more confidently forward, is a huge reward! It was nice to see how you changed from the moment you entered the workshop to its end! WOW! Keep those “new clothes”! Reach for the stars! Now you know that the most important things are:

✅ awareness
✅ breath
✅ smile
✅ eye contact
✅ focus

If you want to improve speaking skills, conducting presentations, pitches, and meetings in your company, schedule a meeting today!


What participants said after this workshop:

The workshops helped me primarily increase my self-confidence, manage stress during public speaking, learn quick response, as well as teamwork and responding to the team’s needs. Monika can create conditions in which everyone feels safe. Even the most shy ones (like me 🙈). And additionally, all this is done in the form of great fun! Despite attending 12-hour workshops, I regretted that they didn’t last longer in the end. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Paulina, Source: LinkedIn

It was amazing! For me, it was revealing, opening my mind and body, very empowering. Many practical elements of the acting workshop, voice emission, or breath control.

Bartek, Source: LinkedIn