WePolak plays with Friends

Duo-lity, 2 person scenes show

🔴 Yesterday we played as WePolak in Warsaw. Once with wonderful team of local improvisers and afterwards as WePolak duo. Idea of playing duo scenes came from playing duos (like WePolak), and also from idea of duo scene as a basic part of an improv show and the most important skill in improvisation.

After 2 hours of rehearsal run by Jeff the team was ready to play a set. Challenge of such shows is always that the team never played together, so we needed to build a common language and trust. This has been achieved! We had a blast and seemed that audience enjoyed that too. 🙂

Thank you Asia, Aron, Konrad and Mateusz for such an entertainig evening!

🔴 After the intermission we played our set as WePolak. Our inspiration was Purple Rain and it started with a couple in a doorway avoiding a post apocalyptic rain and reflecting on what to manifest in this new space filled world. In between we play scenes about accessing relationships in clubs and bars with bouncers and force fields and dismantling the barriers between. We end with the couple moving on walking into the purple rain together across the red carpet and into the empty grand hotel across from the door.


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